BUGC 0 – Trailer

Roll up, roll up! Banjacs’ Unbelievable Gearchain Circus, the newest podcast on the Come Out and Play feed, is coming to you soon on Saturday the 5th of December.

Four people who ran away to join the circus will soon find that theirs pasts are not so easy to escape, and that they aren’t the only ones bringing troubles of their own. Do they have what it takes to hold on tight to their new lives together?

BUGC is set in the beautiful and original fantasy world of Adrian Tchaikovski’s Shadows of the Apt, used by kind permission of the author. His books can be found in all good bookshops, so why not try ordering the first book from your local independent seller, such as News from Nowhere in Liverpool, UK?

Elegant Scales – Kris
Lotka the Disapparist – Haz
Salve Te Volo – Ben
Vesperia of Tessano – Moss
Everything else – Melpomene B.S. @crabbadon

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